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NTSL offers a complete end-to-end solution of your networks, from the advising and designing of your network utilising new broadband solutions through to implementation and maintenance of the end-user applications.

Our qualified engineers are certified to work at height, trained in tower and site safety, safe pass as standard, and fully trained in the installation of broadband antennae.

Backed by a team of associates and contractors, NTSL's skilled team members have a broad base of technical business knowledge and both domestic and European industry experience. Our record of proven industry achievements within short-frame targeted timescales speaks for itself.

NTSL offers specialist design, installation and provision of:

  • Satellite & CATV Headend System Design
  • Installations of Hotel & Apartment Blocks Satellite & CATV Wiring
  • Off-air satellite systems & sound systems.
Next World Network Services logo
Our partner Next World Network Services has immediate access to an extensive fibre network and a number of satellite earth stations across Europe without any prior investments. This allows Next World Network Services to respond quickly at competitive pricing. Next World Network Services customers benefit from the following:
  • One single point of contact
  • Access to global markets and global offerings
  • Product breadth and value-added services
  • Pricing that recognises global needs
  • In-region, local operators and business practices
  • Service-level flexibility and consistency
  • Unified billing
  • One-stop convenience
For more information on NTSL's partner Next World Network Services, visit www.nwns.org.
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